Norton Vs Bitdefender - Head to Head Comparison with Review

November 20, 2020 Reviews

We all aware of the fact that how important Antivirus is for the security of our computer.  So today I have brought you the two most used Antivirus Norton and Bitdefender. We are going to analyze which one is best in between them and trustworthy.

Norton and Bitdefender are the most popular brand in the Antivirus market with big numbers of happy customers. First, we will take a look at their performance and the security provided by them.

Whether you are a simple computer user or a businessman. We all need Antivirus somehow, for the security of our computer. An Antivirus plays an important role to keep us safe while this is important too to choose Antivirus, which is best in terms of advanced features and value for our money.

Overview of Norton Vs Bitdefender

Norton and Bitdefender are the most popular brand but both have a different history. Let us check the Overview of  Norton vs Bitdefender

Norton was established in 1991 and since then it doing its job of being the best in the business.  This software always tries to keep your digital life safe and always gives its best. Norton has the top-class antivirus features and has everything whatever it takes to keep you safe.  Other most advanced features of Norton are protected by personal Firewall and phishing protection.

Bitdefender is a well-established Antivirus company in the market Antivirus. It is a global leader when it comes to Cybersecurity, protecting over 100 million systems.  The foundation was established in 2001. This is a real fact that the service which Bitdefender provides at its rate no other can do. It is very simple to use all its functions are very handy to use and its easy manual always guides you.

Comparison of Norton and Bitdefender plans and products

First, we will talk about Norton features Norton has different plans according to user needs

  • Norton Secure VPN helps you to keep you safe your password and Bank details at just 39.99$
  • Norton 360 for gamers provides Multiple layers for your PC game data at 7.99$/month
  • Norton 360 deluxe to secure your online privacy of your family at 39.99$
  • Norton Antivirus plus is a solid layer of protection which is hard to breach for any hacker at 14.99$/month

They all are available at just affordable prices and the method of purchasing them is very simple. You will fall in love with Norton multi-advanced features No doubt, in it.

Now Let’s talk about Bitdefender plans and products which are good and best-

  • Bitdefender Internet Security is total security of your privacy, protect your windows and your information at just $29.99
  • Bitdefender total security gives you chance to protect up to 5 devices from email phishing starting from $34.99
  • Bitdefender Family pack is available at $44.99. This plan gives you a chance to manage your password and to protect 15 devices

With the 1600+ employees and connections in over 150 countries that make the Bitdefender of all time.

Comparison between Norton and Bitdefender features

 Independent studies have proved the fact that Bitdefender beats Norton in terms of customer support and Malware protection. But when it comes to the cheapest plans price with expensive features then Bitdefender is the winner.

  • Bitdefender offers a hardened Browser so you can do safe shopping and a password manager to keep your password at one place
  • Norton malware protection is top-notch as it blocks every type of Malware where Bitdefender lack while doing this
  • While doing Real-time scanning both Antivirus did good PC did not lack a bit
  • Both Antivirus has the best customer reviews and provides the user-friendly features
  • Multi-layer advanced protection is very best of both the devices

More Features

  1. Norton

  • 50 GB Clouds to Back up your every file
  • Protection from the viruses
  • Highest in demand secure VPN
  • Real-time threat Protection
  • Dark web monitoring
  • Safe cam
  1. Bitdefender

  • Advanced Threat Défense
  • Multi-layer Ransomware protection
  • Rescue environment can remove malware while the computer is off
  • Anti-Phishing
  • Web attack prevention
  • Block the spam Ads

You get the taste of the most innovative knowledge with these top two Antivirus companies. And they give you complete anonymity while doing surfing with the help of a powerful Virtual Private Network.


 They both are the best in the business that’s why people often get confused about which one we should go for. So, I will deeply suggest you go for which work according to your needs and provide you every service you required.  Bitdefender and Norton are the Total security package which gives you the total freedom online to surf anything.

But If you are totally concerned about your security as you are a businessman and you cannot compromise with your internet security. So I will recommend you to Buy Norton 360 deluxe it’s a complete package of protection. I can assure you that you won’t regret purchasing Norton.