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March 6, 2018 Knowledge

First of all, we should know about the internet and their securities:-

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What Is Networks Security?

Network securities are an activity who designed for protection the serviceability and ethics of your network and data. Hardware and Software both kinds of technologies included. It finds unnecessary threats and targets them, stops them to insert or spoil your network.

Network security has multiple layers to defend the edge and inside the network. Network security layer executes policies and management. An authorized member can get access to resources network, but malicious threats are blocked and divert out utilize and threats.

How Important of Network Security?

Every organization, who wants to deliver secure services for their customers, so they should be aware of the protection of network, Network security also helps you protect important information from attack. An Antivirus plays a big role beyond to them. It protects your Networks Layers and Safe your information.

Network security has become one of the most important factors for every internet user. Internet security may help to decrease the chance of privacy spoofing, identity or information theft and so on. Anything from software, document, and movies to books, games, etc. are stolen and copied, because every kind of data transfer over the network, and the most user didn’t focus on internet security. Hackers gain their profit and sold your information. Because hacker tools have become more smart and updated, Of course, there are smart hackers who have developed elegant skills and know how to break any user’s privacy in multiple methods.

Network Security Basics?

We cannot accomplish perfect security manually. We should decrease the level of risk, for that we need an Antivirus. The risk is that probability a threat, spamming and theft, will cross susceptibility. Very hard to calculate the Risk, but can reduce the risk factors.  An obligation scanner or acuity test help for the measure or manage our attack surface. The best thing we do to decrease the risk level, improve our security, and save network with use an Antivirus.

Safe Network devices as like routers, firewalls, gateways, switches, hubs, etc. create the base of (LAN) local area networks and the Internet (WAN) Wide Area Network. Make securing the devices that create the communication between to private device.

Wireless communications security. You need to understand that Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) applications are unsafe for attacks. At this point, (SSL) Secure Sockets Layer is decrypted for data streams and is encrypted into Wireless Transport Layer Security (WTLS) for transfer to WAP devices. So, if the gateway supports are not decently protected, the whole WAP system is at risk.

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What Is Norton Antivirus Software?            

Symantec’s Norton Antivirus is a software program that helps to protect your computer system, and terminates from viruses; spyware, Trojan horses, and bugs from originating and undertake harm. Norton Antivirus keep aware and continue scans your computer System for safe internet and system Surfing, protect harmful websites, download secure files and safe email data. Norton Antivirus provides daily updated and automatically, so you should not worry about that your system always safe.

Threads scanning in Computer

Norton Antivirus protects your computer and keeps scanning for find any unwanted malicious thing. It instantly stops that thing, that’s trying to enter your computer and ask for permission from you to allow it to enter. If it is a virus or a bug or anything else that motive for damage, it’s excluded immediately and informs you as notification. Norton Antivirus also protects your software from infected when you use any software program. If malicious programs had entered your computer, it will clean all the infected area without losing your important file. And it is important to stay protected when you work with your most important document. Norton, also protect from illegal attempts from the network, that trying to theft your personal information and hacking your ID or Password other important websites, such as your bank or your credit card company.

Automated Norton

Automated antivirus is that When your start your personal computer or other devices its start with them. Automated Antivirus means when your computer turns on or their program start boot then antivirus also start with them. They help to protect against browser and application threats and also protects your network from danger websites. If you are surfing internet and research anything on the internet, sometimes you find that unwanted website open and some kind of files automated downloaded that can be spam website. Many time you want open something else but different service had opened and they offer you something to add or download, also give you chance to win an impossible prize that so that will be a threat on that website. That time Antivirus protects your computer and informed you about them.

Antivirus Updates

On the internet, the market has lots of thief that ready to cheat. They always are trying to invent much harmful application. So Norton antivirus also aware of that and continually update with the Symantec Live Update function. It means that new viruses released on the Internet will be resolved before they will try to damage your computer.

How to secure my Wifi router at home?

Wireless internet access is the best modern convenience. It does make an access point for hackers. If your Wi-Fi router is not secured, so you are inviting unwanted threats and it’s could be dangerous for your home Wi-Fi. When you are opening your emails, payment gateway, and your personal profile so that will not be secured. Because many hackers also fetching your detail.

It does not take much more time to Setting up security for your wireless network that protects you from hackers.

Many kinds of devices are connected to wifi at home and can’t make analyses each of them. Here Norton helps to protect any type of illegal activity. Mostly home have children that their parent is hassle about, how to keep away their child from adult content. Don’t make fool. Take your time and research about the security devices, then select the right decision (Home Wi-Fi router security) and then free aware of all of them.

Some tips for securing your device!

  1. All wireless routers have a numerical address. If you’ve forgotten the details, so you can find all thing on the internet, with the model number of him.
  2. Always create complicated username and passcode for security settings, don’t make related your personal information. And also select type of encryption.
  3. Make the strong password that you can remember, but not easy as like, anyone can imagine or crack them.
  4. Always save the updates all information that you have mentioned them at security time.

Wi-Fi security Software?

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Norton Wi-Fi is one of the fastest and most trustworthy security VPN apps for android. Keep anonymous at online and access all favorite apps. Stay protected on public Wi-Fi Network.

Norton is one of World’s most trusted security brands, Norton Wi-Fi secure any VPN public hotspot. With data encryption, keep safe your information from hackers.

Wi-Fi connections under risk with KRACK attack. Norton privacy VPN encrypt the information that you send and receive, they help to protect against the harmful threats.


✔Helps you to make Anonymous at online: It gives you ultimate privacy. Norton Wi-Fi protects you from 3rd party tracking, include ISP’s, and from visited websites.

✔Protect on Public WiFi Hotspots or Open WiFi: You’re most important banking information like ID, Passcode or Pin and physical location & more important information have encrypted while surfing public hotspot.

✔Remove All Tracking Ads: Norton helps by block ad tracking, cookies and hiding your identity.

 How to Get Norton Service :

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Awards and Certifications

ICSA labs Division of Verizon business set the standards for the compliance of security product, they certified the Norton Antivirus. It’s a big achievement for any security provider company and the proof of the reliability of service. Because they have tested the entire product multiple times and various conditions. Norton Antivirus also achieved the VB100 Award from Virus Bulletin. It provides independent anti-virus testing and other industry product comparison.  When an anti-virus software company receives this award, it’s mean that has been tested by the third party.VB100 insists that software prove it detects “horrible” viruses and also create real result during a scan of clean files.