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Coupon Pitara

As the name says its box ( Pitara in Hindi ) Coupons, Deals, and Discount. Our team works to update the best discount, deals, and offers from Top website around the world. We want to serve the whole community in the form of discounts which will help everyone to save some extra money while shopping online.

We use affiliate links, if available which help us earn some money whenever you shop online through our offers, this helps us to maintain the website and update on a regular basis.

Coupon Pitara

How Coupon Pitara’s idea came?

I am a 60-year-old man, for me, it is difficult to understand new technology. There are 100s of new coupons & saving websites available in the market with an attractive interface and lots of features. So I thought there should be a straightforward and easy to use coupons and deals website which can be utilized by anyone. So I decided to create a basic Promo Codes & Deals website.

For me programming in next to impossible, so I took the help of the IT team Who is already working on Technology related deals website of which I am one of the angle investors. From their side, Mr. Arvind Dabas an allrounder came with the name Coupon Pitara which seems interesting to me, and we brought the same. Also, the logo credits go to Arvind as he created a masterpiece.

In starting off 2015, we have completed the development work and launched the website. For me, it’s difficult to understand a whole bunch of new things. At this age, I have to work for 16 Hrs a day, but everything seems interesting. The team which was helping is very sound and thought me everything about the technology on which we are working.

They told me that I had chosen a tight niche where there are big public limited companies are working. They also told me about the importance of content and said one thing update useful content with extra value.

Around May 2015, I have managed a small team of 3 people who are starting working on its marketing part. We have begun with social media and search engine optimization. The team was working in the guidance of Head Mr. Arvind Dabas with his Team Leader Abhishek Choubey.

At the end of 2015, we have some good results on Google, and we think at the end of 2016 we will get some high positions on different search engines.

Now it’s a long path for me, and I will update my viewers what next we going to do and also share my experience along with achievement.

Write up by – Indar Chand Bihani

Updated on June 2016