Why You Need to Protect Your Privacy Online?

October 12, 2016 Knowledge

The Internet becomes the part of daily life if you wouldn’t use the internet a day then you will feel missing something. All of us browse social media sites, and we also drag to online shopping websites on our daily list. The people love to use the free internet services, Wi-Fi which makes us handy to use many things online. Many of us didn’t have an idea that we are playing with our privacy and it’s at risk. There are stormily increasing the cybercrime, and many casual internet users have to face it.

How Privacy gets Harmed?

Many peoples are careless about their private activities which were follow on an online platform. Using public Wi-Fi increase the chance to get hacked and become the victim of cybercrime. Many hackers are waiting for your connection with Wi-Fi and anyhow to steal your information’s. Information’s with your login ID, Password and any data which you didn’t want to scare anybody. There is also a way to get hacked and victim of unwanted transactions. Have you ever realized that you were using your device and you got transact by the unwanted way?

Your Privacy is in Harm

Your Privacy is in Harm

Yes, you can become a victim when you were buying or feeding your confidential bank details on untrusted websites. The Web is full of unauthorized websites and websites are full of viruses which easily harm your details. If you are buying from those sites who didn’t have secure transaction certificate, then be ready for the privacy risk.

Ways to Secure your Confidential Information!

If you are a daily user of the internet, then you have to interact in several ways which save your data. While using the internet, you ensure those steps then you will never get hacked by anyone. The methods and tools have to implement in your daily life and browse the web freely.

Tips to Protect Privacy Online

Tips to Protect Privacy Online

  • Diagnosis your Online Activity – This is a first and important step towards protecting confidential data. First of all, you have to justify that, what you are doing when you switch to an online platform. What is your activity how much you spend time on social networking sites, what are you sharing, and posting? You have to know that you were using websites are reliable and trustworthy for your confidential details. Try to ignore to fill out full data and profile, it also a step towards securing your personal data. These actions divert the tragic outcome of slipping the private details to a thief.
  • Private Browsing – This is a smart and quiet, supportive way towards the private security. Hidden viruses harm when you browsing and buying something using your credit or debit card details. The details were saved in cookies and malicious websites catch your credentials, and the unwanted transaction takes place. Private Browsing or Incognito browsing is a safe way for any transaction. This way of browsing didn’t save in history or didn’t save your and credential. Your history will not be saved for anyone, and this will be your private act.
  • Install Best Antivirus – This is one of the needy and important steps for regular internet users. Antivirus keeps the virus away like Trojan, Malware, spyware, and worms. It works as a shield, with a routine scan and fixing of threats keep you safe. For the best privacy use Norton Internet Security, its keep secures your data and web protection too. Your device program will keep updated and fix the proper issues. It is a permanent solution for using your PC’s secure and freeway.
  • Use Virtual Private Network (VPN) – This is support for your program to be safe and it is a magnification for Antivirus. VPN helps you to surf the web as an unknown person, your details and can’t be a steal for anyone. In fact, your ISP (Internet Service Provider) can’t spy on you, and you can use your device comfortably. VPN is the reliable and trusted way for privacy protection and provides you with safe web browsing. You can use VPN software in PC’s and also in smartphones, this application is enough to make in trouble the hacker.
  • Shop with Secure Websites – Many of you is shopaholic and love to buy cheap rates clothing with the best quality product. If you are buying something and paying online via credit or debit card, then make a particular website has an SSL certificate. Secure Socket Layer (SSL) proves that the website is secure from hackers and information stealers. Anyone can’t steal your detail from that website who have SSL certificate. You will have a question how can we ensure that website has SSL certificate? The answer is that you have to take a look at the URL it has to contain “HTTPS” at starting.
  • Change Password in the Regular way – If you want to keep safe, you always detail, then change your password in a regular way. After 6 or 7 months change your password and keep secure your login. There is also a way of acquiring credentials. Use strong password as can as you set for your ID. Secure password with Lower and upper case word, symbols, and numbers. It makes your password very strong. And you will able to dodge the stealer and hackers.

If you use those ways in your daily web life, then you will able to experience the safe surfing. There are also several ways out of the box which can help you securing privacy.

Few more points for extra security:-

  • Ignore the public Wi-Fi as can as you do.
  • Regular privacy checkup of your all kind of credentials.
  • Avoid keeping your data into any shared folder and cloud storage.
  • Delete history and cookies while using public or cyber café’s computer.