The Ultimate Guide to Setting up Utilities in NY, NJ, and CT

June 26, 2021 Knowledge

When you decide to move, you pack your belongings, hire Movers, and still, you have to think a lot before getting to the new location. If you want to make your move smooth, try to deal with utilities as soon as possible. It can be time-consuming and challenging to set utilities in NY, NJ, and CT. So read this guide till the end and make your move hassle-free.

Basics for Setting up Utilities in NY, NJ, and CT

The process of setting up utilities depends on you. You can make a mess of it, or you can make it straightforward. The best approach is to contact your utilities at least one month before your move. When you decide to move, do this as soon as possible. It will help you avoid interruptions in the service. Let’s go through the step-by-step guide for setting up utilities:

  1. Stop Using the Old Utility Service

Find the utility bills and note down the numbers mentioned on the bills. Let them know the service stop date. It can be either on the moving day or the day after your move. When you cut supplies on the day after you move, it will ensure that you have light and other facilities on a moving day. For the final bill, provide them the new address. Otherwise, you’ll have to pay late fee charges.

  1. Get New Service

After disconnecting the services at your old home, you need to work on setting up utilities for a new home. Ask your landlord about which utilities you need. For new accounts, you need to provide the following information:

  • Contact Information (Phone number and email address)
  • Complete Address (Street number, house number, and zip code)
  • Starting Service Date (You can get it done one or two days before the move so that when you reach your new home, you get everything ready)
  • SSN (Social Security Number is essential for some utility services)

There is a possibility that you may have to pay a security fee as well. It usually applies to new users. However, you’ll get them back if you maintain a good payment history.

Pro Tip

The best way is to stay organized to avoid any issues. Note down the contact numbers of all old and new utility service providers. Have them with you, especially on the moving day.

  1. Utility Checklist

The below-given utilities are needed for almost every home:

  • Electricity and Gas

It doesn’t matter whether you want to move to NYC, NJ, or CT; you need electricity and gas. Both of them are the primary utilities and needs of every home. Understand your apartment’s needs and then get these utility services accordingly. Find out the companies that offer your required utility services. If you’re unsure about it, you can ask your landlord about it.

  • Water

In most cases, it’s included in the apartment rent. But sometimes, you have to manage it yourself. You can contact the local government department to get this service.

  • Internet

Like electricity and gas, it’s also an essential requirement. Before moving to a new home, ask your property manager about the internet facility. It can help you save internet charges. If they don’t provide this service, you need to get the connection.

Avoid using the internet of your neighbors. Instead, choose the best option to get good internet speed. For example, you’ll get the excellent speed with fiber optic as compared to DSL.

  • Cable and telephone

They’re not as important as the above ones, but still, they’re required to keep you in contact with the world. So if you need cable, get the connection. It’s optional because many people these days prefer digital streaming, and for that, you only need a strong internet connection.

Things to Consider for Setting up Utilities

Things to Consider for Setting up Utilities

It’s essential to keep the following things in mind when setting up utilities for your new home:

  • Service Transfer

It would be great if you get the services of your existing service providers at the new location. Then, you won’t have to set up a new account, and you can just transfer the service. It will help you save money and time.

  • Security Fees

Some utility service providers ask for security fees to ensure that you have enough credit. However, you can get it back when you maintain a good billing history.

  • Timing

Setting up utilities takes time, so the best option is to start early to avoid any hassle. Otherwise, you’ll have to live in the dark without electricity, gas, and the internet.

  • Discounts

Moving can be an expensive process, so you need to choose service providers that offer discounts. It will help you save some money.

So, after following this ultimate guide, you can easily set up utilities in NY, NJ, and CT.