$1 Web Hosting Godaddy is Best Option to Start Web Project

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We brought one of the best offers for any new project, and it also assumes deal for startups, Where they can get Domain name and Web hosting for $1 Web Hosting per month with a period 12-month service. We have to pay just $12 for both Domain and Web Hosting for one year service.

$1 Web Hosting

$1 Web Hosting

$1 Web Hosting in this price range will get a quality product?

Yes, this is the first thing in your mind that will you get a quality service and hardware at range price Dollar 1 Web Hosting per month. Godaddy is one of the biggest brands of Web industries, and it attracts new users with massive discounts, But when come’s quality and support they never compromise as they know that users can shift quickly from one service to another hosting provider without any issue. So they give best support and service to the users of $1 Hosting that too with a free Domain name for the first year.

What One Dollar Web Hosting is meant for?

This service is made to run a single website with a medium amount of traffic in real time. We get Unlimited Bandwidth, but they have a limit on the process that cannot cross 100 at the time. So this hosting is good for new projects and medium traffic website. As per we know a new website or web service need some time to grow, and when you start getting some good amount of traffic just shift to more upgraded hosting like VPS and Dedicated servers. So spending $12 for one year hosting with a free domain name is one of the best deal you can ever get.

What will we get in Godaddy $1 web Hosting package?

We are going to get everything that we need to run a perfect website here are some of the main features of Godaddy $1 hosting

Free Domain Name

100 GB of Space

Unlimited Bandwidth 

Bigger size MYSQL database

CPANEL as Web Hosting Control Panel

These are some of the top features that Godaddy One Dollar Web Hosting is powered.

Who are the perfect users for $1 Web Hosting Offers?

All the new projects and website with mid-range traffic around 10-25 users per minute can use this One Dollar Hosting without any worry. Users like

  • Professional like layer, doctor and more can use the Godaddy Hosting.
  • Static website will run correctly without any worries
  • Small dynamic websites or large dynamic website with small users base, can easily run on $1 Godaddy Web Hosting.
  • Local Shops and business can also use this without any worry.

Even as individuals we use $1 Web Hosting service, which is perfect in almost all case with the limited number of traffic.

Godaddy One Dollar Web Hosting

Which CMC or open source Script supported by Dollar One Godaddy Web Hosting Package?

The hosting package supports almost all Open Source scripts and content management systems which based on PHP. CMS like

  • WordPress
  • Drupal
  • Magneto

There more than 1000 scripts and 100+ CMS in the market that can easily run on Godaddy One Dollar Hosting.

$1 One Dollar Web Hosting Godaddy

Hosting package becomes the center of attraction for the thousands of users worldwide on a daily basis. Godaddy is making this $1 web hosting package even better. They added something new time to time. Last time they started offers multiple locations to choose from America, Europe, and Asia. The last thing that you can expect at the price of $1 for a web hosting package. So we will suggest all our users to for it without any worry. If you face any problem, Godaddy Support team is there to help you out.

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Any other better web hosting Deal then Godaddy Dollar One Web Hosting?

We have different web hosting package with Godaddy where we can run a single website or multiple websites. But on another hosting package, we can get up to 30% discount. When you compare Godaddy $1 Web Hosting with the free domain is priceless. Here you have to pay $12 for one year, which is five times lesser the other Web Hosting package.

About Godaddy $12 Web Hosting Year

It is same as Dollar One Web Hosting per month. As we pay for 12 months in advance it final cost become $12 Godaddy Web Hosting Year. All features and free Domain name will remain same. So do not get confused between them. You can go for both you will get best of Godaddy Hosting Deal.