Five online streaming apps that have the feature of subtitles

June 10, 2021 Software

Earlier, people preferred to go out and watch movies; online shows were not that popular, but when covid-19 hit us, and we were in lockdown circumstances all around the globe, then we saw that the trend has stirred from offline mode to online. We all need entertainment in our life, and we did not permit us to move out, so people started seeking alternatives, and we shifted towards the online mode.

It is just not about who provides the best shows. Various other factors also matter, like website/app experience, audio quality, video quality, how quickly they introduce new content to the public, and last but not least, value for money.


Here is a list of the best video streaming apps. We spend all day looking at these services, monitoring their original content, and looking out for what makes the best streaming services. And if you are not a fan of subtitles, refer to articles available on the internet to remove them.

Subtitles are captions that appear at the bottom of a TV/Cinema screen that displays/depicts the dialogues that are being said.

These subtitles are helpful and are used in the following ways:

Used as an aid for people who face difficulty in hearing

Acts as a means to translate dialogues and movies that are produced in a different language. 

It gives better clarity on dialogues spoken by a character who speaks in a different accent which may be difficult to understand.

Please note, availability depends on the region. Some countries may not get some of these video streaming apps. We apologize if we recommend something that’s not available where you are.


Best TV streaming service 2021 overview:

  1. Netflix
  2. Amazon Prime Video
  3. Disney Hotstar
  4. HBO Max
  5. YouTube TV


1 Netflix


It is the best streaming service available. It’s available in most countries; it has a diverse range of content with excellent origin content. It does support 4k, Chromecast, Dolby vision, and countless services. Nowadays, most smart TVs have Netflix apps, and finding a streaming box without it is the equivalent of finding a needle in a haystack. However, the integrity of the movies and TV we tried – mostly streamed in Ultra HD – on TV and tablets is fascinating.

netflix app

Netflix, Inc. is an American-based company that provides its customers with subscription-based streaming and produces its movies and TV shows.

Netflix is said to have 208 million paid users as of April 19th, 2021.

Based on your preference in language and your region, Netflix gives you a list of relevant languages to choose your subtitles from and select your alternate audio.

As you begin streaming, you will find a speech box icon, click on that and use subtitles and alternate audio based on your preference.

It provides different kinds of services at a diverse range of prices. You can check their plans by clicking on the link.


Some of the most streamed shows that you can watch on Netflix are:

The witcher

The 100

Fast and Furious series


Grey’s Anatomy


Schitt’s Creek and 

Lucifer etc. 



2 Amazon Prime Videos


 It is a fantastic video streaming service provided by giants, i.e., Amazon. It comes included with their Amazon Prime provides video streaming, two days shipping, music streaming, cloud storage, and some pre-sale benefits. You can also add other content like HBO for additional fees included.


Amazon Prime Video offers its customers a collection of Movies and TV Shows, both Independent and ‘Prime Originals, Directed and Produced by Amazon Studios. As of April 29th, 2021, Amazon Prime Video is said to have approximately 174 million users across the world.

amazon prime videos

It is available for PC and Mac, the Kindle Fire HD, iPad, Xbox, PlayStation, internet-enabled TVs, Blu-ray players, Sony’s Home Cinema system, Sony’s Network Media Player, etc.

It provides different kinds of services at a diverse range of prices. You can check their plans by clicking on the link. 


Using subtitles on Amazon Prime Video is simple as you have to select the preferred language before playing the movie/show. Then, upon streaming, pause the video, and you will find an option called ‘Close Captions or Subtitles’ captioned ‘CC.’ Click on that and toggle the settings based on your choice.



Some of the best shows on Amazon prime:


The Magician

Jack Ryan



The Family Man



Grab your gear as the new DC universe is shifting some of its most streamed series to Amazon-like Supergirl, Flash, Arrow, etc. To subscribe with an annual pay and enjoy this series eating pasta and sitting on your couch.



3 Disney Hotstar  


It is an Indian-based ‘Subscription on Demand’ streaming service owned and operated by Star India. Hotstar provides its users with various content from different networks and broadcasts different categories such as movies, television, sports, etc. Hotstar has around 34+ million users as of April 3rd, 2021. Hotstar also streams content from its third-party partners like Showtime, HBO, and Sony Pictures.


 It is a subsidiary of Walt Disney India as a Disney subsidiary to watch all mind-boggling content created by Disney and all live television channels on it. It is one of the most popular apps, and nowadays, we can see the presence of Hotstar in the market.

You can access Disney Plus Hotstar through a bunch of devices. Here’s the complete list. Desktop web (All PCs and laptops) Android (All Android TVs, Android TV boxes, phones, and tablets) iOS (iPhones, iPods Amazon Fire TV Stick Web OS on LG TVs Apple TV Chromecast.


Subtitles can be enabled using both the mobile app or the web page.

Enable the Subtitles using ‘CC’ when the video is paused. This feature is available only for movies and TV shows, as live broadcasts do not have subtitles.

Hotstar has a vast range of shows and movies available in multiple languages. We can also enjoy the content of all marvel and star wars movies.

It provides different kinds of services at a different range of prices. You can check their plans by clicking on the link.


Some of the best shows on Hotstar:

Avengers (all series/MCU)

Star Wars (all parts)

The Mandalorian


All Disney Movies, if you have also subscribed for a disney+ that include from Cinderella to Narnia. 


 4 HBO Max 

It is a new streaming service that is an upgrade of HBO Go and HBO Now. It includes some great shows like the world-famous Game of Thrones, Sopranos, and many more, making it a good competitor for big companies.


This is an American company that offers a subscription-based video-on-demand streaming service. Owned by AT&T under the WarnerMedia LLC. It was launched in May 2020, featuring Premium Television content from HBO. As of April 2021, they have 44 million users across the globe. It acts as a hub for everything produced under WarnerMedia.

HBO max also provides subtitles to its users, which can be accessed using ‘CC’ during playback.


Though HBO has provided many excellent services for an extended period, it is one of the most expensive video streaming services in the market.

It provides different kinds of services at a different range of prices. You can check their plans by clicking on the link.


Some of the best shows on HBO Max are:

The Jetsons

Looney Tunes

The Nanny

The Office (UK)

Prodigal Son

Rick & Morty





5 YouTube TV 


We all know how big YouTube is in the visual industry. Google owns it, and its content is improving in a rapid space. YouTube has also entered the streaming market; they have started providing much original content within the package. 

You can avail yourself of subtitles by clicking on settings while playing your video and selecting subtitles to your preferred language.

youtube tv

YouTube TV provides multiple live TV channels and the best cloud DVD of any live TV app. It also supports Chromecast. It provides different kinds of services at a different range of prices. You can check their plans by clicking on the link.


Some of the best shows on YouTube TV are:

Mind Field


Weird City



The age of AI.

Mortal Glitch

Best shot.


Bonus recommendation!




It is an American company that is almost fully owned and controlled by The Walt Disney Company. Hulu offers ‘Subscription Video on Demand services to its customers. Alongside ESPN+ and Disney+, Hulu is the third main streaming service run by Disney. As of March 31st, 2021, Hulu has 41.6 million users.

Hulu offers subtitles in various languages. To access these subtitles, during playback, press ‘up’ or ‘down’ on your remote and click on the ‘Settings Menu,’ and turn the subtitles settings to ‘On’ or ‘Off.’

Hulu app

Watch latest DC and MCU comics series like Justice League Action and Marvel’s Runaways to CW vampire series like Legacies, Atlanta, and the like.