Top 7 Instagram Myths You Should Avoid

January 6, 2021 Knowledge

Undoubtedly, Instagram is among those rising stars of online marketing that can enable your business to become a stellar performer. It concentrates on the images and creates new avenues to utilize visual-marketing. Instagram provides a chance for influencers to market their products or services to raise their market worth. However, like every other social media platform, there are lots of misconceptions and myths associated with Instagram. Today, we will discuss those myths and explore the truth. Let’s dig a little deep!

Likes Don’t Really Matter for Your Profile

The majority of the folks think that Instagram likes don’t actually matter today. But likes still helps you to understand what your audience enjoys more. In regard to Instagram insights, likes play a crucial role since it will help to increase Instagram engagement that finally gives more impressions and can rank your posts. Concerning engagement, in case you need to promote any of your posts on Instagram then you are able to decide which of your posts received the most appreciation from your audience.

Instagram Story Will Not Generate Sells

People believe that stories aren’t too essential for Instagram, it is only helpful for sharing any private or interesting stuff and can simply be employed to raise brand awareness but it is not likely to create sales. Yes, Instagram stories are a fantastic instrument to raise brand awareness. But what about sales and revenues? Instagram stories can also create sales sometimes even a lot more than your posts do. Approximately 500 million users of Instagram observe Instagram stories each day. There’s a characteristic of Instagram stories that allows you to incorporate your link among your audience and if anybody enjoys your product, they can just swipe up to see the product page.

If You Convert Your Instagram into Business Account then It Will Negatively Affect the Engagement

That’s the biggest rumor about Instagram floating in the market since the time Instagram declared its business account facility. Many people believe that converting Instagram into a business account can cause negative impacts on traffic engagement. But the fact is that assessing your Instagram account into a business account will supply you with a lot more features like Instagram Insights with which you can collect numerous essential information regarding your Instagram profile like what somebody likes on IG, how many likes and shares you are getting for each post you are sharing on Instagram, which of your posts are getting appreciation from your followers or getting rejected by them and so on. Therefore, converting your Instagram account into a business account won’t really have any negative impacts for sure.

Instagram Steals My Photos and Can Use Them As They Want

This is not entirely untrue, but the false part in this statement is “steal”! The moment you post something, whether photo or video, on Instagram, you are giving the social media network your permission to collect and use your content in any way they like. However, this is not stealing because the terms and conditions page of Instagram says that they have the authority to use your content, and when you sign-up, you are willingly agreeing to these terms.

You’ve to Upload Posts on a Daily Basis

Another myth states you have to upload photos or videos on a daily basis to keep the sustainability of your followers. Well, Instagram is a kind of social networking website that boosts a brand that focuses on its quality rather than quantity. Publishing quality articles on Instagram is the trick to achieve success on Instagram. It is even better if you post quality stuff 2 times a week rather than posting a lot of low-quality posts each day.

Increasing Followers by Following Others

New Instagram users perform this mistake by thinking that they will grow quicker if they only follow the best influencers. Actually, people wish to boost their followers, which means that they follow different people and receive followers in return. Sometimes people even write “Follow me and I will follow you back” in their bio. In such circumstances even if you get a lot of new followers, still it could be useless for you. You need to have some real followers who can generate revenues for your brand. If you get such followers who have no interest in the specific niche that you are working for then it won’t make any difference. And most importantly, if you are unable to acquire enough likes despite having a good number of followers, the Instagram algorithm locates and down your engagements and doesn’t provide any impressions, and even does not rank your posts. Therefore, increasing followers without any real engagement is a really bad idea and can be the main reason for your failure. So never make this mistake in the desire of getting fresh followers. The natural followers you develop by submitting relevant content is really better since these viewers actually have better connections with your brand and help you to promote your own brand awareness.

The Less Hashtags You Use Is Better

As Twitter tells the users to use only 2 hashtags, Instagram influencers believe that it is also applicable here! Fortunately, that is not true! Instagram offers you to add thirty hashtags to your post but eleven hashtags are considered best to use at a time to increase your ranking and engagement. Hashtags are the backbone of an Instagram post that actually helps that post to reach more audience, without using hashtags, the chances of becoming a popular brand come down to zero. Now the hashtags have far more reach and make your posts easily discoverable.

Moreover, you have to choose the right hashtags that will boost your ranking in a better way. It is always better to use the hashtags after researching through Instagram Insight. Therefore, using several hashtags on Instagram can give a beneficial effect on your posts for sure.


Finally, most of the common Instagram myths that were circling in your mind are smashed! The advantage of opting for business promotion using Instagram is that it can help you build connections with your audience and create brand awareness to genuinely boost your earnings.

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