Six Tips To Fix Windows Stop Code Error

March 6, 2021 Software

In today’s fast-moving world, everyone is seeking to use the latest and the best technology available in the market. In the computer sector windows is the best out of all. But specific problems come across when we use the windows operating system. Today we’re going to talk about an issue known as windows stop code error and how to fix it.

Windows stop code error or popularly known as a blue screen error, can occur if any program keeps shutting down your computer or restarting your system, and it shows a blue screen instead of the welcoming screen.

Suddenly, your device shuts down or restarts, bringing a blue screen error showing a message, ‘Your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart, we’re just collecting some error info, and then we’ll restart for you.’ This Blue screen error is also called a Stop error that warns of an error to the user. It is obvious that first, you need to restart your device.

The blue screen displays a message that the device ran into a problem, and you need to restart it. Read this informative post for ways to fix the WLDCore.dll error. Stop code error can be prevented or can be cured by using specific steps or certain techniques.

Why does Stop code error occur?

BSOD or Blue Screen of Death occurs when there are problems with a device driver or the computer’s RAM, or due to the incorrect settings, hardware, software installed wrongly and hence, Stop Code Error protects the hardware, preventing any harm to the hardware.

The Stop Code is a hexadecimal code that starts with Ox. It is then followed by 8 other characters. Each stop code represents a unique Windows error. It also helps in fixing the error directly.

In the first case, the windows blue screen error (stop code error) can appear because of some third-party apps like any software you have downloaded from the internet or run antivirus into your computer or any other software.

To resolve this problem, you have to uninstall the app by going into system settings app info, then click on uninstall the app and try restarting your computer. So by these steps, you can prevent the blue screen if it occurred due to third-party apps.

The second reason to move your system screen into a blue screen error or stop code is to set up flies. You need to reinstall or re-download the same file. For this, first, you have to clean up the software that is not installed correctly. For this, you have to do a disk cleanup, which can be done by following the steps mentioned

1st search for disk cleanup, select the windows C drive, click on the cleanup files button, select drive windows C and click OK, check the temporary windows installation files option, and click OK to delete the files. Once you complete these steps, you can try to update your windows software, which will reinstall all the missing files.


The 3rd way to fix the stop code error on your system is straightforward. It is called correcting stop code by using safe mode. For entering into this option, we have to switch into the WinRe mode on your operating system. You have to 1st select the troubleshoot option and then go to the options menu available in there.

Then you have to choose the advanced option available and click on the start settings. You will then see a restart button, click on the restart button, and wait until the computer or operating system restarts; then, as your operating system restarts, press F4 to select or enable the safe mode.

After your device is switched into the safe mode, select the start button, move toward the settings, select the system, and select the app features. In it, the default setting is to sort by name, change it to sort by install date, and then select all the third party software you want to remove and then select the uninstall button to remove it safely and then restart your device.

The 4th way of tackling the Stop code error is by rolling back or disabling, or uninstalling the drivers installed.


First, you have to have the administrative privileges to roll back or uninstall or disable the drivers. The stop code error sometimes triggers due to recently installed new drivers on your computer. If you want to roll back or uninstall or disable them, first make sure your device is in safe mode. Then you can use the device manager to either rollback, disable, or uninstall the drivers.


5th way of tackling the stop code error is by removing the hardware that is fixed externally by you in the system. You can remove that hardware and try restarting your computer. If, after the procedure computer does not show any blue screen or the stop code error, then you know that that hardware was the reason for the stop code error, and you can fix that.

6th and the last tip to prevent the stop code error or fix the stop code error is by running Windows 10 memory diagnostic tool.


Windows memory diagnostic tool is integrated into the system, and you can start it as per your wish through the system settings itself. You can trigger the windows memory diagnostic by searching in your start menu for the windows memory diagnostic.


You can choose the best combination available and diagnose your PC. After analyzing your PC, in the event viewer section, you have to select the option ‘event viewer local’ and then go to ‘windows logs’ and then ‘system.’


Later, in the right-hand column, you have to select ‘find’ and then type ‘memory diagnostic’ into the box. You will have to press the next button to find the diagnostic results, and you can fix that.


So some tips can fix the stop code error in your system and make your system run par with the world again.


It is important to inspect the drivers who are also a factor that is responsible for blue screen


Follow these steps to check:

  1. Right-click on the start menu(open power user menu).
  2. Choose the Device manager to use the utilize. Look for the yellow icons in a triangular shape which specifies that there is a problem with a driver, crosscheck all the drivers so that there is no error if any reinstall the driver or check the devices connected or you can check for the updates of the driver and update if pending.
  3. Limited system memory:

Many a time due to limited system storage having an unwanted pile of files accumulated in the storage area can cause this error. The best way to solve this error is to uninstall all the

unwanted files which are holding the storage backup of the pc because these files can slow

down the performance of the pc which can further result in a blue screen error. Many times

damaged files can also be the cause as important files are the operating environment for the

computers and fixing those damaged files by removing or reinstalling them can help you.


  1. Reform windows:

Starting the work from the first can be better sometimes than fixing it from the middle, it is

sometimes better to reinstall the windows from the start comparing to upgrade the previous

installations as they may contain some error while from the start. Try reinstalling the windows as it assures your clean installation. But if you choose this method you need to make sure that your device can boot on USB which means that you need to change the boot order inside Unified Extensible Firmware Interference(UEFI) or can go with basic input/output firmware in order to follow the correct boot process.


  1. Hardware:

RAM, hardware, motherboard, when any of these components are malfunctioning in the CPU which can make the operating system breakdown and that results in hitting a blue screen error. The way to fix this is that you can turn off the automatic restart of your computer because when you do this you can be able to differentiate whether it is a hardware or a software problem.


Steps to Deactivate automatic restart option:

Right-click on this PC, head over to properties, choose the advanced system settings, click on the settings tab, and select startup and recovery, uncheck the automatic restart option, and click OK to confirm. This is going to help you understand what actually brings the blue screen and you can understand it more deeply.


  1. Uninstallation of some applications:

Some times application and some latest updates you have installed recently may have some

breaks in them so we recommend you to uninstall them, here is an example of what we can

perform, Open up the start menu, head to the settings of your pc, head to apps and absent features, and start selecting all the files/apps that were installed recently and select uninstall. Make sure that they are gone, that could fix your issues, reinstall the applications with a proper domain hosting them or try installing an older version of them and you are good to go.