5 Best Contact Backup Apps for Android and iPhone

May 13, 2021 Software


In today’s world, technology is one of the most advanced and developed sectors. We use technology almost 24 hours a day. In the early days, we used to have telephones, and we used to write down our contacts on dairies, but as time passed, we switched from telephones to mobile phones and now use contact backup apps to store the contacts for us as we used to store the contacts in dairies.

In this article, we are stating the five best Contact Backup apps for Android and iPhones and also state what complications can occur if we are not aware.

What’s Contact Backup Apps?


Contact Backup apps are just normal apps that give us the opportunity to get back our contacts if we lose our need to replace our phones. Using Contact Backup, we can easily restore them to a new phone and get back all our contacts in just a minute and hustle free too.  There are even ways to backup external hard drives, and you can learn about them via this link How to Backup Mac to External Hard Drive? Do check it out and let us know if you found the article useful.

5 Best Contact Backup Apps for Android

There are a number of backup apps for androids in the market, but the most secured and good ones are as follows:

●     Helium –

App Sync and Backup: Being one of the most robust Android contacts backup apps with a number of features, Helium brings to us an advanced app without even rooting the device. It even has features of cloud services like Dropbox and more but in a premium version.

●     Titanium Backup & root:

As already in the name itself, the Titanium contact backup app is basically for experienced Android users as it needs to root the device. Its best feature is in this app, along with contact, we can even back up a few of our other apps too. Features like scheduled backups, app freezer, and encryption come to the user but in the pro version only.

●     G Cloud Backup:

Very few apps give all their features in free, and G Cloud Backup is one of those ones. It gives us a free space of 1 GB, which can be expanded up to 8 GB by inviting friends. Important features like backing up all data on the phone to Amazons’ AWS cloud server can be done using this app, and it also comes with 256-bit encryption.

●     Super Backup:

SMS & Contacts: The Super Backup app gives the user the freedom to choose what they want to backup. They just need to select the file type and start the backup. It has a feature to send the backed-up content to the email address as well.

●     truBackup – Mobile Backup:

The truBackup app gives a simple and easy interface to use, with quick solutions too. We can even schedule backups, apart from backing up apps and different file types. Its backs up data to the cloud and even to an SD card easily.

5 Best Contact Backup Apps for iPhone

Similar to android backup apps, iPhones too have a lot of Contact backup apps, but the most important and secured ones are as follows:

●     Contacts Sync:

The Contacts Sync app allows the user to sync all the contacts with the online account. The user just needs to create an account in the my.memova.com site in order to maintain the contact storage in the site.

●     Recover – Data Recovery and Backup:

The Recover app backs up data in just 5 minutes only by just tapping on the VCF backup file in email. In addition, it has features to transfer contacts between iPhones and even computers by email and cloud (Dropbox, Google Drive, and One Drive).

●     IDrive Online Backup:

The IDrive Online Backup app has the facility to backup and restores the data easily, and that too everything is free. In addition, the backed-up contacts can be shared among various iDrive accounts.

●     Easy Backup:

The Easy Backup app allows the user to back up all the contents and restore them too on the iPhone as well as on the PC. This app is supported in most of the iPhone models by just downloading the selected version. This software is equally compatible with both Windows and MAC.

●      My Contacts Backup:

The My Contacts Backup app is one of the simplest iPhone contacts backup apps, having only a feature to back up the contacts, unlike other apps to have a lot of features.

Why is Contact Backup needed?

The Contact Backup allows us to send information about our contacts as text by email, dropbox, and SD card. In addition, the Contact Backup helps us when we lose our phone and have nothing in our contracts. This backed-up data helps us to get back all our contacts easily.

Complications of using Contact Backup Apps

Though the Backup apps back up all our contacts, many compilations can occur if not checked and processed thoroughly. Few compilations are listed below:


  • It can have data leakage, and few apps can leak data if the security system is not secured enough.
  • Can have ads, the ads are given in order to take up the financial aid
  • Change in the phone can cause problems, and if you used to use the android app and later change to iPhone, no app works on both.


As more days are passing by and we are going into the future, we are becoming more and more comfortable and tension-free. With the developing technology in our hands, we are working in all the ways to make our lives easier.

This article gives us the five best contact backup apps for android and iPhones and also tells us the complications that can occur if not checked properly.


  1. How do I sync contacts between iPhone and Android?
  • iPhone and Android contacts can be synced between them by using Apple’s own iCloud.
  1. Is there an app to transfer contacts from iOS to Android Phone?
  • No, there is no app to transfer contacts from iOS to Android, but you can do it by your google account, VCF file, or by saving contacts to SIM card.